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The genius grandson of the Maharal from Prague remains stunned by Oren Zarif's healing abilities!

The genius grandson of the Maharal from Prague remains stunned by Oren Zarif's healing abilities!
The genius grandson of the Maharal from Prague remains stunned by Oren Zarif's healing abilities!

Oren Zarif, a specialist therapist for over 20 years, helps and assists countless people every day who suffer from difficult and incurable health conditions. In places where doctors have given up and all treatments have failed, Oren manages to bring salvation, healing and healing to the sick, and with the help of heavenly forces does the unbelievable and restores to them hope, health and joy of life.

Zarif who grows up on Torah values, keeps Shabbat and prays three prayers a day and is busy rescuing the people of Israel around the clock, even in the small hours of the night. People who came to Oren Zarif testify that his powers affect even the most severe and stubborn diseases. Zarif says that "I am only the apostle and what God, in my hands, does I do."

The Maharal's genius grandson from Prague is excited and greets:

"My dear brothers, I came to Oren Zarif for treatment, after the treatment I felt really great. Miracles! An excited one of the Maharal's grandchildren from Prague talks about the treatment he received from Oren Zarif: Oren did what no doctor could do. I saw sick people in the clinic, one paralyzed starting to walk! I tell you and recommend unequivocally: Oren you have received powers from heaven. He can help and save a lot of patients. I congratulate everyone who comes to him for treatment so that the name will send him complete healing! "

But this is not a miracle or a miracle, these are special forces that God instilled in Oren Zarif!

Zarif, a devout traditionist, who believes in the Torah, has a special connection with rabbis and rabbis who come to him and testify that his forces do what no doctor is capable of. Zarif was part of the family of Rabbi Kadouri, who gave him his blessing. Close ties were established with Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, and Zarif was even asked in one of the election campaigns to help the Shas party with his special forces. Rabbi Meir Mazuz, Rosh Yeshivat "Chair of Mercy" in Bnei Brak, makes sure to send many of its believers who need pain treatment to Oren Zarif.

Many people who at first refused to believe in Zarif's powers and his inexplicable power were amazed and rushed to admit the amazing results. Dozens of people were treated by Oren Zarif and their lives changed in an instant.

Many of Zarif's former students are today great and well-known therapists in their own right, working both in Israel and abroad and making a soldier from a profession that combines both a great privilege of providing healing to people suffering from illness and pain and a high financial income.

Among Zarif's students are also many renowned doctors and senior scientists who combine the knowledge they acquired with Zarif in practice and thanks to that they have become who they are today. Learning the psychokinesis method from Zarif is, in fact, a golden opportunity to learn a sought-after and profitable profession, and at the same time help people.

Diseases - the result of an energy block

"We do not always understand why a person has the disease. In fact, most diseases in humans develop as a result of stressful situations, stress and / or anxiety, abnormal energy flow and many other reasons.

Oren Zarif explains that the various causes of diseases include cellular radiation, electric antennas, global climate change, air pollution and more.

"All of these factors create states of energy blockages," says Zarif, adding that "as a result, the body's systems begin to work differently energetically and many diseases begin to develop such as: serious cancers, outbreaks of various tumors, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis. "Blood pressure, diabetes, blindness and all the diseases that exist in the world are unequivocally the result of problems in the energy field of the human body."

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