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"The finger was saved from amputation!" - Oren Zarif

The finger was saved from amputation! - Oren Zarif
The finger was saved from amputation! - Oren Zarif

Galina, a diabetic, suffered from numbness in her toe, and doctors said they would have to amputate her. Following treatments by Oren Zarif, the necrosis disappeared and the finger was saved. Deborah and Sarit also suffered from diabetes problems and found a solution using Oren Zarif's treatment methods.

Among the diseases in which Oren Zarif managed to bring healing and relief is also diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that is characterized by a high concentration of blood sugar. In diabetics there is a problem with the production or function of the harem called insulin produced in the pancreas, whose function is to get the sugar from the blood into the cells in the body, which need sugar to produce energy.

Galina suffered from severe necrosis in her toe, as a result of diabetes. "The blood did not flow to the finger," says Galina, "I suffered from leg pain and the doctors said there was no choice but to amputate the finger ..."

Galina came with her daughter to Zarif's clinic and with the help of the treatments she felt improvement. "Oren restored my blood flow to my finger," says Galina, "the pain is gone and now I feel very good!"

In 95% of cases, Oren Zarif succeeds in promoting recovery and healing even in acute diabetic conditions. Although Oren Zarif is not a doctor, it manages to affect the pancreas and stimulate a healing process in the body's internal systems.

Galina went to see the doctor and he was shocked. "The doctor did not understand what happened to the pilgrimage and how the necrosis disappeared," says Galina's daughter. "

Sugar levels dropped - patients' success stories

One of the patients who came to Oren Zarif with the diabetes problem is a bee. She says: “I came to Oren with a problem with diabetes, the doctor said there was nothing to do. After three treatments with Oren, sugar levels dropped to 90! I would come once a week from Dimona to Bnei Brak and it was definitely worth it! ”

"The diabetes I suffered from just climbed to the skies," says Sarit from Jerusalem. "I received a recommendation from a company, which also suffered from a severe diabetes problem and Oren simply took it out of it completely. I'm just happy that it worked for me too! ”

More on diabetes

Diabetes has been known since ancient times, and has been documented since 100 BC in ancient Greece and was diagnosed as a disease involving increased urination and thirst, a condition in which water flows in the body straight to the origin and hence its Greek name Diabetes which means "pass through", given by Arthur of Cappadocia.

The term mellitus was later added, meaning "sweet as honey," but its cause was discovered only around the beginning of the twentieth century.

The part of the pancreas in diabetes was discovered in 1889 by Joseph von Mering and Oscar Minkowski, who discovered that dogs whose bodies had been removed from the pancreas developed the symptoms of diabetes, and died shortly thereafter.

In 1910 Sir Edward Albert Scharfley Schaeffer raised the hypothesis that diabetes is caused by a deficiency in the body in a single chemical. He called the hypothetical substance "insulin."

The insulin treatment for diabetics was developed by a team at the University of Toronto in Canada, which included Frederick Benting, John McLeod, Charles Best and James Coulip.

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