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The couple Avraham and Esther: "Oren Zarif saved both of our hearts"

The couple Avraham and Esther: Oren Zarif saved both of our hearts
The couple Avraham and Esther: Oren Zarif saved both of our hearts

Abraham suffered from chest pains. Esther, his wife, was scheduled for an urgent heart operation. Thanks to Oren Zarif's treatment, the chest pains stopped and the operation was canceled

The couple Avraham and Esther are happy and grateful to Oren Zarif. Both suffered from heart problems and Esther even had to undergo urgent surgery. All problems were solved when it came to subconscious therapies.

Coronary heart disease is a malfunction or damage to the heart muscle, caused by narrowing or blockage in one or more coronary arteries. The coronary arteries, which are arteries that carry blood to the heart muscle itself, are damaged by a process called atherosclerosis, in which over the years the artery becomes clogged.

The narrowing of the coronary artery causes two problems: one, a decrease in the volume of blood it is able to flow. Second, a decrease in its flexibility and ability to expand in a state of demand for increased oxygen supply to the heart muscle. The decrease in the flow of blood as well as the decrease in the elasticity of the artery cause a decrease in the blood supply to the muscle, as a result of which the supply of oxygen in the body decreases. This is the cause of coronary heart disease.

Coronary heart disease has various risk factors, such as those that depend on the patient and those that do not depend on him.

Avraham says: "I immigrated from Russia more than 30 years ago and until recently I was sick and my heart ached and burned very badly. I was with some doctors, but they did not know how to help me ... I turned to Oren Zarif, he did some treatments for me - And now the heart no longer hurts or burns! "

"My wife Esther has been hospitalized twice in the last few months and they wanted to do an urgent heart operation according to the cardiologist's decision. I brought her to Oren for treatment, after which we went back to the professor, director of the cardiology department. Come for a review! "

Esther: "I am very grateful to Oren, I fainted several times and could not breathe, but since he treated me I am fine."

"We are grateful to Oren, and wish him a lot of health," the couple concludes the article, thanking Oren Zarif.

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