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"The chronic pain is gone in one treatment!" - Oren Zarif

The chronic pain is gone in one treatment! - Oren Zarif
The chronic pain is gone in one treatment! - Oren Zarif

Elisheva and Shai, parents of five, are happy: After all the doctors did not find a solution to the problem, Oren Zarif made Elisheva forget the suffering. Avraham also returned to walking and thanks to the treatment of Oren Zarif gave up surgery. And Aviva feels great too.

CRPS is a syndrome of chronic pain of one of the limbs, most often in the distal part that appears after an injury in the same area. The pain is severe and causes suffering and is often disproportionate to the intensity of the injury.

There are very severe CRPS patients that appeared after a slight injury of the same area. The way the syndrome is formed is not clear and many studies are still being done to find out.

In addition to the pain, other symptoms can appear, such as hypersensitivity, sometimes extreme, to the touch, as well as changes in the skin, hair, color and temperature of the affected area and a regional motor disorder.

The solution to Elisheva's suffering. For months she had difficulty functioning due to shoulder pain, tried all methods of treatment, but in vain. Until she reached Oren Zarif ...

"Thanks to Oren Zarif, I threw away the walking stick," says Elisheva after being treated very successfully.

"I suffered a lot and went to all kinds of doctors, but nothing helped me. I also tried acupuncture which was not helpful. My husband and I heard about Oren Zarif, we came here - and we were amazed.

"Thank God, after just one treatment - everything is gone! I have no more pain, I feel great, and I am a mother of five children one of whom after a liver transplant, so I must be on my feet and take care of him. Thank God, Oren helped me in the best way possible. , And I highly recommend it! "

Within 3 treatments Pine brought me back to walking like I used to

Avraham from Bat Yam is happy: without undergoing surgery, he returned to walking on both his legs without needing the walking stick that accompanied him for a long time. All thanks to 3 treatments of Oren Zarif in the subconscious method.

Avraham: "I came to Oren with a problem with my fingers and a problem with walking, which forced me to walk with a cane. And here, unbelievably, within 3 treatments, Oren made me stand on my feet and thanks to him I threw the cane ..."

Avraham, a former retiree of the defense establishment who now earns his living as a guard, continues to reach out to Zarif's treatments and says: "I think everyone should go to Oren Zarif's treatment and not automatically undergo unnecessary surgeries. The doctors wanted to operate on me, but could not conclude "Is it due to a stroke, is it a back problem ... Oren was able to help me and I now feel much better, without surgery! The infernal back pain is gone!"

"The squad is moving away from me, thanks to the belief in Oren I now feel great"

Aviva also suffered for a long time from back pain, which began due to poor movement she performed while getting off a bus. "I got off a high bus and when I got off, a vertebra moved in my back," she says. I started to feel very strong back pain. "

The pain intensified and Aviva did not find a solution, until she saw an article by Oren Zarif with examples of people who suffered from back pain and their pain disappeared.

Aviva: "I came to Oren Zarif and he managed to save me. The pain is gone and today I feel great. Oren is something special, helps a lot of people and you have to believe in him. When there is faith, everything happens!"

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