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"Thanks to Oren Zarif, I quit smoking!"

Thanks to Oren Zarif, I quit smoking!
Thanks to Oren Zarif, I quit smoking!

Aaron used to smoke 4 boxes of cigarettes a day, and got rid of the obscene custom after Oren Zarif's treatments

Aaron had a regular habit of smoking up to 4 boxes of cigarettes a day. All his attempts to quit smoking in various ways, failed, until he came to Oren Zarif.

Aharon: "Thanks to Oren Zarif who treated me for a month and a half, I did not touch the cigarette! Only Oren was able to repay me, after 4 boxes a day, and I just want to say that without Oren I would have continued to smoke like a locomotive ...

"Thank God, me and the cigarettes said goodbye forever," Aaron concludes, "I am very grateful to Oren and happy that I no longer need the cigarette."

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of serious illness and death, which can be prevented.

Smoking injects smoke and tar into the lungs, which contain dozens of carcinogenic components and other various toxic substances. The smoke and tar cause destruction of lung function, penetrate the blood system, cause blockages, constrict the arteries, impair the transport of oxygen and other processes in the body systems, and therefore may contribute to the formation of many diseases.

Among the many diseases smoking causes many types of cancer such as lung cancer, bladder cancer, and pregnant women have many effects on childbirth and uterine cancer that can harm the fetus.

Malka, another patient of Oren Zarif, says: "I came to Oren about two years ago in the hope that he would be able to do the unbelievable and make me give up the cigarettes. After only one treatment I felt the surprising change - and for two years I did not touch the cigarette! "It's gone by itself."

Now, after two years, she did not hold back and took a cigarette, so she came again to Zarif who would repay her from the 'sin' again. "I was at Oren's last week, and indeed I have not smoked for about a week, and I have now come again for reinforcement treatment for reassurance to prevent me from the next temptation to touch a cigarette. It's just amazing how he does it, but fact, he managed to reward me."

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