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The most deadly respiratory cancers - Oren Zarif

Respiratory cancer is one of the deadliest types of cancer. However, there are still some people who have survived this type of cancer and those factors are still unknown. A person is considered as a high risk if he has a family history filled with respiratory problems. This also means that an individual who has breathing problems is also at a high risk of developing this type of cancer. There are also certain risk factors that depend on the area in which a person lives.

Some of the common risk factors include smoking. It is a known fact that smoking affects the immune system of an individual. If this immune system is already affected by tobacco use, there is great possibility that it will affect the lungs and the cilia (little hair-like branches that help keep the respiratory system clear of mucus). If this is the case, then the person is more likely to develop lung cancer. In fact, if you are not yet smokers but are exposed to smoke everyday, then you are a greater risk of getting this disease.

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Second hand smoke is another big factor in terms of risk factors. According to a report, close to half of all lung cancer deaths around the world are caused by this habit. The chemicals and pollutants that are released from factories may also affect your chances of getting this disease. Those people who work in industries that make fireworks, metal working processes, paint booths, and chemical plants are more prone to developing this disease.

Gender also plays a huge role in terms of risk factors. Men are more prone to this kind of cancer than women. This is due to the fact that men have smaller cancer cells in their lungs than women. This makes men more likely to be diagnosed with this type of cancer. Unfortunately, this is also the case with women. Women are diagnosed with this type of cancer with much lower cancer rates than men.

Those people who smoke and drink alcohol have higher risks of getting this kind of cancer than others. These two risk factors increase the chance of getting lung cancer. People who have a family history of this condition also have a higher risk. Having a weak immune system, a history of being HIV positive, and not having regular examinations are also some of the risk factors for this type of cancer.

You can take measures to reduce your risk of getting this disease. It is important to know these things since they will help you treat your respiratory cancer as early as possible. You can get yourself checked regularly to see if you have any of the risk factors mentioned above.

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