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Rebbe Miforat in an interview with Ulpan Shishi: "Oren Zarif is endowed with special powers!"

Rebbe Miforat in an interview with Ulpan Shishi: Oren Zarif is endowed with special powers!
Rebbe Miforat in an interview with Ulpan Shishi Oren Zarif is endowed with special powers!

In an interview with a Channel 2 reporter, the Rebbe Miforat testified: "Thank God I got to know such a dear Jew!"

Rebbe Miforat, one of Oren Zarif's many patients, was interviewed several years ago by the "Ulpan Shishi" reporter and testified that Zarif helped both him and his wife with medical problems.

"Thank God I was privileged to come and see such a dear Jew," the Rebbe began, "who wants to help the people of Israel in healing ... I also experienced his ability on myself," the Rebbe continues. I once also underwent surgery that did not help.

He had a heart attack and a stroke - went back to talking and walking

Daniel came with his whole family to thank Oren Zarif for the speedy rehabilitation. A few months after having a heart attack and stroke - he went back to talking and walking.

Daniel arrived with his family at Oren Zarif's clinic, with words of thanks. A few months after first coming here in critical condition, Daniel recovered with incredible speed.

Daniel, a cantor in a synagogue, suffered a heart attack, and two weeks later a stroke. After being released from the hospital, he remains in a difficult situation when he is unable to talk or walk, and is depressed.

Daniel: "I came to Oren Zarif in critical condition, and I am recovering quickly. He helped me a lot and since I started the treatments there has been a very big improvement ...

"Today I walk on my feet properly, speak and also sing. I even went back to writing 'Parshas Hashavua' after half a year of not writing ... I and my whole family thank Oren, that God will give him strength."

"Also to my wife, Rebbetzin Oren Ezer, in a very important thing that we really thank him for. Helping a Jew who needs to undergo surgery is a very important thing. God gave him great power ..." Thanks to Oren Zarif, I overcame psoriasis! "

Recovery dandruff and psoriasis

Dalia: "I suffered from dandruff and psoriasis, the doctors could not help me, and thanks to Oren the problem passed completely."

Dalia, from the center of the country, suffered greatly from dandruff and psoriasis. She consulted doctors, but did not feel that the treatment was helping her. Until she read about Oren Zarif.

Dalia: "The doctors I was with could not help me, with ointments and pills, nothing affected me. When I read about Oren Zarif, I told myself that I must go to him. I arrived - and he did help me!

"I have been treated by Oren for 3 months, and in every session I feel better. All the dandruff and psoriasis have completely passed!

"Today I feel much better, and also sleep better, and I am very calm thanks to him. I wholeheartedly recommend, to anyone who has any problem, to come to Oren Zarif. All Oren will say is the Holy of Holies. I thank him very much."

"Blessed be the name given to us by such a person in our generation, who can help people in healing, which is the greatest commandment"

The judiciary testifies: "The groin injury disappeared unexpectedly thanks to Oren Zarif"

Dotan, a judo coach, did not believe the injury would go away so quickly but subconscious therapies brought him back to fights very quickly.

"I did not believe I could recover so quickly from the injury, but Oren Zarif surprised me." So says Dotan T., a judo coach who has been absent from the battlefield for a long time due to his injury.

Dotan, practiced judo from a very young age and went through hundreds of competitions, until he became a coach. He recently suffered a troublesome groin injury that sidelined him.

Conventional medicine has no solution for rapid recovery in this case, only rest and patience. But when he heard about Oren Zarif, he thought that maybe he could find the magic solution that would bring him back to the arena.

Dotan: "Very quickly I felt the improvement following Oren's treatments, and I went back to training and doing judo fights. I thank him very much that thanks to him the injury is already behind me!"

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