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Oren Zarif's weight loss treatment brings proven results - Oren Zarif

Oren Zarif's weight loss treatment brings proven results - Oren Zarif
Oren Zarif's weight loss treatment brings proven results - Oren Zarif

Overweight and obesity are problems that are getting worse in the world in general and in Israel in particular. Children and adults deal with diets and fight weight and themselves to reach a normal and healthy weight and to feel good about themselves.

In many cases the struggle is long and tedious and once one stops the strict diet regime the weight finds its way back. Another problem is stuck weight - when despite the meticulous menu, resisting temptations and sports the weight simply refuses to drop.

Oren Zarif, a leading expert, who has been treating thousands of people from Israel and around the world with the psychokinesis method for 20 years, treats the subconscious forces with the many problems and diseases that exist today and has had great success in the field of diets and weight loss.

"I lost 17 kg in two months!"

I started treatment and lost 14 kg, says Mina from Netivot: "In the last month I got a little stuck, I came again and started to lose weight again. In total I lost 17 kg. I'm not hungry, and the feeling is good. "

The skepticism that dissipated in the face of the results

Erel, formerly Mr. Israel, talks about the meeting with Oren Zarif. "I came to him to see what it was about, I met a very nice and kind person, a serious and successful man. I have done a lot of toning programs and preparations for competitions to this day and I must note that since I started Oren's energetic treatments, I feel much more energetic, I have no hunger, and I "I feel more focused on the goal. I recommend to my patients if they have falls, fatigue, or break for a personal reason just get to Oren because what he does really helps. In addition Oren also helped with my back pain, after 17 years of training and lifting heavy weights."

Significant weight loss

Most of the patients who come to Zarif have already tried all the possible treatment methods, visited the best doctors and came to Zarif as a last hope - where they found an effective and efficient solution to their condition.

"When I arrived at Oren, I weighed 136 kg, I received what I received and I lost about 27 kg," says Menachem from Kiryat Shmona.

Zarif has been published in all media channels in Israel and around the world and has succeeded in proving unequivocally that his special forces are capable of assisting in 90% of cases. In relation to the thousands of patients that Zarif treats every month in Israel and around the world, it is possible to count on one hand the individual cases in which the treatment was not successful.

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