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"Oren Zarif helped me overcome the tumor"

Oren Zarif helped me overcome the tumor
Oren Zarif helped me overcome the tumor

Etty had breast cancer and came to Oren Zarif for treatment at the same time as chemotherapy. "Oren supported me mentally and healthily, thanks to him I had no side effects - until the tumor disappeared," she says.

Oren Zarif, who treats the subconscious forces, accompanies many cancer patients in their fight against the disease. According to much accumulated evidence, Zarif's treatments reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and increase the chances of success in overcoming the disease.

Etty had breast cancer and was treated for several months with radiation and chemotherapy. "It was a very violent type of tumor, which spread to almost the entire right breast," Etty said. "Oren Zarif supported me throughout the treatments, both mentally and health-wise - and the fact that at the end the tumor disappeared."

"After every chemotherapy treatment I came to Oren, immediately from the hospital," Etty added, "and thanks to him I had no side effects from the chemotherapy, and I was able to function almost normally throughout all the treatments. I already felt the results in Oren's second treatment. "I have very unpleasant side effects. Oren is a righteous man who just helped me overcome this disease and I thank him from the bottom of my heart. I wish there were more like him in Israel!"

Cancer is one name for a disease that can develop to the point of taking over all parts of the body and therefore other names are attributed to it. A body is made up of many cell types and is not static. Every day old cells die and new cells are created through a mechanism of division.

In a normal and normal process the cells divide only when there is a deficiency in the cells, then they are called to take the place of old cells. A situation can arise where the cells continue to divide even when they are not needed and then they form a tumor.

There are two types of tumors: benign that does not destroy the tissue from which it is formed and does not spread to distant tissues, and malignant which is a cancerous tumor.

In this case, these are abnormal cells. They divide without any supervision and disorder, take over the organs next to them and interfere with their functioning, they return after being removed, and may invade distant tissues through the bloodstream or lymph, settle there and cause them damage.

The leg saved thanks to Oren

Hedva contracted chondrosarcoma, a malignant growth of cartilage cells. After undergoing two difficult and complicated operations on her leg, the doctors informed her that there was nothing to do but amputate her leg.

"I was about to have a leg amputation," she says, "but I read articles about Oren Zarif and decided to go to him. I came and he really saved me. It's unbelievable!"

Today, thanks to Oren's treatments, I feel good. The terrible pain I suffered decreased by at least 85% if not more. I take a lot less painkillers, nothing to compare at all! I really thank Oren for saving me. "

** Oren Zarif is not a doctor and is not a substitute for conventional medicine. Also, he does not recommend his patients to avoid conventional medicine, pill therapy, radiation or chemotherapy **

Cancer is primarily a disease of genes. Usually a series of changes (mutations), necessary, in order for the cell to become cancerous. There is a difference between genes called oncogenes that cause the development of cancer in cells, following changes in the gene, and cancer-inhibiting genes, whose damage lowers the cell's defense system against cancer.

Mutations in these genes can be caused by ionizing radiation, carcinogenic chemicals (carcinogens), heredity of mutated genes, viruses and cancer-causing bacteria, and free radical damage.

Cancer - high recovery rates against all odds in Oren Zarif

Cancer is a general name for various diseases that have in common an uncontrolled division of cells that creates a malignant tumor. Examples of malignancies are carcinoma, lymphoma or sarcoma and leukemia, and there are many more. In some cases these cells will migrate in the body and form metastases.

Cancer is a very common issue in the world and many face and fight it every day in order to recover, despite these alarming figures, Oren Zarif manages to reach a high success rate, against all odds.

The block that had disappeared was

Oren Zarif, a leading expert, who has been treating thousands of people from Israel and around the world for 20 years with the method of psychokinesis, with the subconscious forces in the variety of problems and diseases that currently exist among people.

Jordana recovered from the cancer but remained confined to a wheelchair following the illness. Jordana arrived at Oren Zarif's clinic and within a few treatments was able to stand back on her feet.

After 3 years, a lump was discovered in Jordan's right breast and the doctors immediately recommended surgery to remove it. "In the two weeks after the discovery of the lump, I underwent two treatments with Oren. I waited a bit and then went for a private mammogram. Thankfully they did not detect any lump in the test! I went back to the hospital, asked for another mammogram and the photo revealed that the lump had disappeared!

The doctor came out and said to me: “Jordan you have nothing! I smiled and told her it was thanks to Oren Zarif. The joy was great. Since then, I have become a big fan of Oren Zarif. "

Multiple mutations turn a normal cell into a cancer cell

In most cases it is not possible to know what is the initial event that caused the cell to become cancerous, however in molecular biology it is possible to describe the mutations in the tumor, and to observe its behavior at a certain level. For example, about 50% of tumors show a deficiency of a p53 cancer inhibitor gene also called the "genome guard".

After several mutations in the genome, this gene directs the cell to enter apoptosis (cell death), so as not to preserve the mutations. The dysfunction of this gene allows these cells to continue to live, and divide, thus creating more cells that do not die.

The presence of a telomerase causes an endless division of the cell. Other mutations allow tumors to develop a network of blood vessels to supply oxygen and nutrients to the cell, or to separate from the tissue they are in and move to another tissue (metastasis).

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