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MS symptoms can worsen as time progresses - Oren Zarif

MS symptoms can worsen as time progresses - Oren Zarif
MS symptoms can worsen as time progresses - Oren Zarif

MS symptoms are extremely variable and unpredictable. One individual may experience just one or a couple of the possible signs while another individual experiences several more. The key to deciding on a treatment is getting a reliable evaluation done by a medical professional. This will enable you to identify the disease in its early stages.

There are many other MS symptoms like pain, inflammation, wasting, stiffness and fatigue that coexist with the others. The most common sign of MS is loss of grip strength and coordination. If you are suffering from weakness or numbness in your legs, you must get it checked out. Loss of grip strength makes it difficult for an individual to walk and lead a normal life.

When an individual experiences a decline in their sexual function and enjoy low libido, this can also be an indication of MS. MS symptoms can worsen as time progresses. In many people, the situation gets aggravated when their spouse or partner also complain of having less sexual desire and interest. The deterioration in sexual function is considered a sign of worsening MS as this affects the quality of life greatly. However, MS experts state that there is nothing to worry about as this can happen to anyone. There are many people who do not suffer from any sexual dysfunction.

Weight loss is one of the commonly known MS symptoms in most people. People who are obese and overweight are more prone to have worse MS symptoms than those who are moderately overweight. The tendency to lose weight is a result of many factors. Most notably, you may begin to feel fatigued after a long day's work and this can lead to severe dehydration that may cause weakness, dizziness and fatigue. You may also gain weight due to increased consumption of foods rich in fats and sugar and these should be controlled to avoid worsening your condition.

Another MS symptom that is noticeable by family and friends is dry mouth. This condition can also be caused by nutritional deficiencies, especially if the sufferer is lactose intolerant. Dry mouth may cause sore throats and can even end up in making speech sounds that may sometimes resemble parrot noises. This condition can cause considerable damage to your social life and relationships with others. It is therefore important to see your doctor and ask for vitamin supplements if necessary.

Blood tests can help in getting a proper diagnosis of MS. Your doctor will most likely conduct a routine blood test known as MS profile, in order to look for abnormalities. There are many symptoms that can point to the presence of this neurological disease. These include severe headache, visual disturbances, double vision, dry mouth and muscle and joint pains. However, a conclusive diagnosis of MS will only be achieved through careful analysis of your medical history and using sophisticated laboratory test equipment.

Eye specialists believe that the first stage of MS is non-specific and refers to any direct result from trauma such as an automobile accident or stroke. Such symptoms may not be considered as a direct result of myelin loss and are instead due to other underlying problems. The second stage, which is the manifestation of myelin loss, will show certain common symptoms. These include loss of vision, difficulty in concentrating, flu-like symptoms, decreased ability to coordinate movements and tingling or numbness in the fingers and toes.

The last MS stage is referred to as relapsing disease and is considered a late-stage complication of MS. It can be due to damage done to the brain, spinal cord and other organs or it can also be due to infection. Relapsing MS symptoms can appear suddenly and without any warning. If any of these symptoms occur in more than one place at once, it is best to visit a health professional for proper diagnosis of MS.

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