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Common Symptoms of Lungs Cancer Diagnosis - Oren Zarif

When someone has just been diagnosed with a certain type of cancer, they naturally assume that it's the end of the road. They may even be in denial, feeling as if the condition is incurable. The fact is, cancer spreads and if detected early, the patient has a better chance at surviving the disease. Here are some common signs and symptoms of respiratory cancer.

A cough or sore throat with or without mucus and phlegm is a very common sign. This can be caused by various conditions including viral respiratory issues, such as colds and flu. It can also be a symptom of pneumonia which affects the lungs and causes difficulty in breathing. In this case, the lungs may appear to swell. Coughing can also be a symptom of bronchitis, which is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes due to excessive dryness.

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Shortness of breath is another one of the symptoms of respiratory cancer. It often becomes apparent during an episode of shortness of breath. The diagnosis can only confirm this if the shortness of breath continues for longer than a few minutes. There are several causes of shortness of breath. It may be due to decreased lung function due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or emphysema. Sometimes COPD causes a decrease in the strength of the patient's lungs.

Lungs may also become enlarged or tender. This is another sign that the cancer has spread to the lungs. If this happens, the person may experience wheezing or coughing. He may also have problems with the passing of air through the lungs. This can lead to shortness of breath even if there is no apparent lung congestion. Another possible cause for this symptom of respiratory disease is an infection in the lungs that needs to be treated by antibiotics.

Another symptom of this kind of cancer is a loss of stamina. If stamina levels go down, someone who has been affected by this disease will not be able to exercise as much as before. Shortness of breath can also result in fatigue. Someone experiencing these symptoms should see their physician immediately for a proper diagnosis.

Each of these symptoms can be signs of another condition. For this reason, it is crucial to receive a thorough diagnosis from a doctor. Once the doctor has identified the kind of respiratory condition that is causing these symptoms, he can then plan on treatment options for this kind of cancer.

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