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"In one treatment, years of suffering end!" - Oren Zarif

In one treatment, years of suffering end! - Oren Zarif
In one treatment, years of suffering end! - Oren Zarif

Jacob c. He suffered from excruciating back pain and tried everything - until he reached Oren Zarif and was astonished when he came out like new ...

Yaakov G., a resident of Nahariya, suffered from excruciating back pain. He was treated by doctors who gave him pills and injections and also did physical therapy. Nothing helped and the suffering continued. Yaakov's family convinced him to try to reach Oren Zarif, who treats the subconscious method. Although the trip from Nahariya to Netanya is long, the family did not give up and took Yaakov to the clinic.

Describes the son, Shlomo: "We entered the whole family with Dad into Oren's room and told him about the problem in his back. Oren told Dad to stand up straight and touched his head. A few minutes later, Oren asked him to move left and right - and to our amazement Dad did it without pain !!! "

Shlomo came to Oren Zarif's clinic about a month after the incident, to personally thank him for the help and told Oren that since the treatment. The pain disappeared.

Shlomo concludes: "It's like a miracle. Really miraculous wonders ... thanks to Oren Dad feels great. And we have no words. Just unbelievable!"

back pain

These back pains are pains that usually result from muscles, nerves, bones or other structures in the spine. Back pain can be sharp and short and sharp or long and permanent. Back pain can stay in one place and also radiate to other places and be accompanied by a dull, sharp or very painful feeling of pain. Back pain can radiate to other areas such as the arms, shoulders, hands or feet and can include symptoms other than pain. These symptoms include tickling, tingling, weakness and also numbness.

Back pain can appear in different areas like the neck, mid back, lower back or tail bone and can be short or become chronic depending on the circumstances.

Back pain can also occur without a particular cause of nerve damage or nerve transitions, inflammation, herniated discs, spinal problems to the point of cancer or infection.

If it is a non-specific pain it may be related to tissues, muscles and there may be cases of back pain that may be due to high risk medical conditions like diseases, bone fractures, cancer etc.

Back pain can also arise as a result of injury, fall, blow, tension, nerves or stress and also as a result of exercise or inactivity.

Other factors that may increase the chance of back pain are age, overweight, hard work, smoking, prolonged sitting, physical exertion, incorrect posture and more.

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