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I suffered from pain all over my body and could not walk - until I reached Oren Zarif "

I suffered from pain all over my body and could not walk - until I reached Oren Zarif
I suffered from pain all over my body and could not walk - until I reached Oren Zarif

Pain brings with it suffering, crying, disabilities and dealing with difficulties. The pains create a burden on the patient and his environment. Sometimes the pain is so severe that it is impossible to function.

Yocheved came to Oren Zarif in severe pain. She could not sleep, could not perform simple actions and in short suffered greatly.

"I came to Oren with excruciating pain, I could not walk, I could not sleep, my back, head, shoulders, knees, hands ... my pain could not perform simple actions like cutting an onion or a potato and I had to go to the neighbor to ask for help. But from the moment "I came to Oren, thank God I feel a thousand times better ... I feel very good and thank Oren from the bottom of my heart for the treatment."

Yocheved's success story is not unusual from all of Oren Zarif's success stories and if you also suffer - you should get treatment that may change your life.

Why does it hurt?

When reporting pain usually refers to a subjective feeling that expresses unpleasant feelings and emotions. The purpose of pain, which breaks out in a person, is to report the possibility of injury to one or more of the organs in the body. Pain, sometimes a warning sign that conveys interpretation to the brain following information coming from the various tissues.

The big problem with pain is that it interferes with, limits and makes it difficult to function. Pain prevents basic actions, similar to Mrs. Yocheved's story.

There are types of pain

There are many types of pain - from acute (sharp) pain of high intensity for a relatively short time to long and lasting chronic pain that causes a lot of suffering over time or all the time.

Pain is also attributed to tissues - from muscle pain, joints, internal organs, nerve damage to cases of pain due to migraine or diseases such as cancer and other problems.

Pain can be treated in many and varied ways from conventional therapies to the treatment of pain through the subconscious.

Pain can be treated with painkillers, medications and treatments from general practitioners, neurologists, psychologists and paramedical therapists, alternative therapies and also through the subconscious method in which Oren Zarif specializes - all with the aim of improving the patient's quality of life and stopping / reducing his pain.

Subconscious treatment with the psychokensis method according to Oren Zarif - to help and give solutions and to be a powerful force from any medicine.

Subconscious therapy based on psychokinesis is a therapeutic method developed by Oren Zarif in which Zarif transfers energies to the patient's subconscious and stimulates self-healing processes.

The method relies on the teachings of Dr. Joseph Murphy (best-selling author of "The Subconscious Forces") who describes in his book how any person suffering from a mental or physical problem can overcome it through the subconscious forces.

The psychokinesis method that Oren Zarif treats does not replace conventional medicine but in many cases, where doctors have said desperately, it is able to help and give solutions to diseases and pain through the subconscious and be a powerful force from any medicine.

The human subconscious is similar to a computer and just as computers and software can be programmed, so we are "programmed" by memories, experiences, genetic information, things we absorbed in childhood and more. In this way we experience the world, act and conduct ourselves. It should be noted that each person's baggage is affected "by the software" that is in his subconscious and those that motivate him to action, to make decisions, to make different choices and evoke reactions, feelings, beliefs and thoughts in him subjectively.

Assimilate a belief in self-healing powers

Oren Zarif's method of treatment, based on the subconscious, helps to instill faith in self-healing powers, removes various blockages and leaves a mark until full realization. This method helps to recover from various diseases that conventional medicine fails to cure.

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