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Heal Your Body - How the Subconscious Can Heal the Body - Oren Zarif

The subconscious can heal the body and give it the ability to heal itself. There is a lot of energy locked up in your body and as you know, some of this energy gets locked up in your body and is not able to move out. Energy healing can help you release this energy and get it to move freely. You see, every time we are experiencing pain, whether it is a back ache a headache, or any other type of ache or ailment, the mind and the body are sending signals to each other telling the body to stop that activity. As a result, when the body does not move the way it should be, the mind sends that signal to the body to stop what it is doing.

With energy healing, this is magnified. When people learn how to focus their minds and their bodies, they are able to send healing energy to themselves without even knowing it. They feel energized all the time and have more strength and flexibility than they ever had before.

Many people experience some sort of energy shift when they become ill or are developing a disease. Energy healing is the solution to this issue. The body will actually heal itself before it accepts treatment. Many medical doctors will recommend that people take home remedies that have been proven to heal the body. The reason that they do this, is because the conventional medicine does not have the healing power to fight against an ailment until the root cause is fully understood.

Just the thought of having something that is completely natural being applied to the body is very appealing to many people. Many people want to have complete control over the type of treatments they receive. Natural products are much easier on the body and they are safer to use than prescription medications. When you have something that is totally organic, such as herbs, vitamins, and supplements, you do not have to worry about them running away in a bottle and leaving a nasty residue behind. Your body absorbs the energy from these naturally and uses it as directed.

Another thing about energy healing is that it allows the body to heal itself faster. When the body is forced into an uncomfortable position and treated with high levels of electricity, it does not get the energy it needs to heal itself. The body becomes confused and tries to find a way to stop the treatment. This is why electric shock therapy is dangerous to the person being shocked. The body has a natural need for electricity, so if you have a strong surge in the current, there is a good chance that the person will become extremely sick or hurt.

The subconscious can heal the body the same way that energy healers heal the body. When the mind and the body are in harmony, the healing can take place faster. The subconscious has the power to create the energy it needs to heal. It does not have to be directly fed or ingested from another source.

If you are having issues with pain, you should try to find where the problem is coming from. You can start by examining the relationship between the mind and the body. You will probably figure out that the cause is not with the physical body at all. A bad emotional stress or a memory from a past traumatic event can cause the subconscious mind to store the negative emotions. The subconscious will hold these memories in long term storage.

Once the subconscious begins to hold these types of memories, it is very difficult to remove them. The subconscious mind does not want to harm the body, so it is trying to protect its existence. If you are able to let go of the negative emotions from your past, you can heal your body. The subconscious is very persistent. The more you work with it, the easier it will be for you to heal your body.

Oren Zarif - Psychokinesis

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