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Heal Your Body From Within - The Subconscious Can Heal the Body - Oren Zarif

A lot of people believe that the subconscious can heal the body. It is true that your body and mind are connected, but how can a mind heal the body? This is quite a loaded question, but let me give you some clues. We were all born with brains, not physical brains like those babies have, but more like computers. These computers have memory, they can retrieve data, and they can communicate, but they are under our control, dictated by our thoughts.

We can, however, heal ourselves. This is a bit harder to do than it sounds. If we are looking for a way to "heal" the brain, we have to remember that the subconscious is in control of our bodies. There is no real way to get it to heal itself, other than to allow it to experience a change in our emotional state. Once our emotions change, the brain must change also.

For example, let's say that we have been living under a lot of stress for many years. We have never really noticed it, and in fact, we have gotten used to it. As the stress continues to build, we begin to lose control of ourselves. The subconscious begins to weaken, and the result is panic attacks. Our physical body tries to fight these off with adrenaline, but ultimately, it is just too fatigued to function properly.

The subconscious is no different from your normal mind in this regard. If you were to feed it more sugar, or carbohydrates, it would continue to operate in the same manner. The difference is that it will be under more stress, because it has to function under less control. The subconscious has no way to go about this process, so it begins to deteriorate. It starts to make mistakes, to mess up.

The solution, as far as how the subconscious and the mind can work together, is simple. Our subconscious has to learn to stop making these mistakes and heal the body. This takes training, but it is possible. Our minds are like training gears, and they need to be retrained every once in a while to keep working correctly. When we have had enough of the stress of life, and the repetitious nature of our habits, the subconscious can be taught to work again.

This does not happen automatically though. In order for this to occur, it will take a conscious effort on our part. The subconscious mind will allow us to see things that our normal conscious mind cannot see. Things like a cold or flu virus, deep breathing, meditation and other relaxation techniques, etc. The body has to learn to trust in these natural healing forces, or we will continue to deteriorate.

The subconscious mind cannot heal the body on its own though. We have to help it along, if we want the body to be healed. This is done through affirmations. Affirmations are statements that motivate you and send positive energy and messages to the subconscious. Positive energy and messages will bring about healing to the entire body, including the sick.

Once the body is healed, we can then begin to have new confidence in ourselves and in others. This is how the subconscious can heal the body. If we don't believe in ourselves and in the possibilities of our mind, we will continue to deteriorate. We must learn to believe in ourselves and the healing powers of our mind if we want to have complete happiness.

The mind is so powerful that it has the power to alter the future of your life by what it believes to be true. For example, if someone told you that you were going to become very rich and famous, you might immediately think and picture yourself as that person. You may also think about all the things that you have dreamed of in the past and this can affect the way your subconscious thinks and works. If you start believing that you are going to achieve success in your business or in your life, then your mind will align itself with that reality.

So, you can heal your body and change the direction of your life by using the power of your subconscious mind. It can work in conjunction with your conscious and unconscious mind. By working with your subconscious every day, you can change the direction of your life. But, it is up to you to believe in yourself and your dreams.

The power of your subconscious can heal the body by allowing positive thoughts to enter your mind. It has the ability to make you visualize and focus on the things that you want to heal and change in your life. The way the mind works is that you feed it what you wish for - a healthy body, happy relationship and a positive outlook on life. With this type of help, you can heal your body from within.

Oren Zarif - Psychokinesis

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