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Important Information About Glioma Cancer Causes and Treatments - Oren Zarif

What are the common glioma cancer causes? Glioma is a type of cancer that affects the lining of the cell membrane, the cell that lines most internal organs. Most types of cancers that affect this part of the body are thought to be genetic, meaning that they are transmitted through genes. However, it can also be passed down through changes in the cells of people who already have the disease. Studies have shown that the disease has a very high heritability.

This means that it is possible for someone to develop the disease even if there are no family members with the disease. People can inherit glioma through their genes from parents, grandparents or a close relative. There are many ways that the tumors can spread through the body. They can grow in areas that are not normally visible or in unexpected areas, such as the eyes or mouth. Some tumors do not show up until later, even when the person is well into their 70s.

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Common treatments for glioma cancer are surgery, radiation and chemo therapy. Surgery is used to remove the tumor and allow the affected area to heal. Sometimes the only option is to remove the whole brain stem, although this is very dangerous and should never be done. The patient will likely suffer memory loss, paralysis, lack of appetite and shortness of breath. Chemotherapy causes the cells to be put under a controlled environment, reducing the chance of the cancer growing back after surgery.

Many people want to know what the glioma cancer causes are. There has not been enough studies to determine if there is a definite link between the disease and smoking. Studies have shown a link though, between people who smoke and the increased risk of glioma cancer. It is unknown why this occurs, but it could be because the tar in cigarettes, some types of smoke and air pollution irritate the lining of the cell's. It has also been established that people who have diabetes increase their risk of contracting glioma cancer.

The most common type of glioma is squamous cell carcinoma. This type of glioma accounts for approximately seventy percent of all cases. Squamous cell carcinoma is thought to have a genetic component. The appearance of the tumor will resemble that of a cauliflower and if it grows and matures the center will appear with a black dot in the middle.

The treatment for glioma cancer usually involves at least one type of surgery to either remove the tumor or attempt to destroy the cancerous cells. Radiation therapy may also be used to kill off as many cancer cells as possible. Most patients are treated with a combination of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Some people have both surgery and chemotherapy at the same time. The outlook for an individual with this type of cancer is not good but if caught early enough it can be overcome.

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