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The Early Stages Of Conjunctival Cancer - Oren Zarif

Conjunctival or ocular cancer is the form of cancer that begins in the lining of the eyes. It can also be known as ocular malignant neoplastic disease. This form of disease attacks the choroid which is the part of the eye responsible for fluid drainage of the eye. If the disease reaches the choroid it can lead to a form of glaucoma, retinal detachment and ultimately blindness.

The conjunctiva or the lining of the eye is a very delicate part and any damage to this part can cause tremendous discomfort and loss of vision. The rare symptoms associated with this disease are temporary halos and sometimes they can appear on both the left and right eyes. These halos often appear as shadows under the pupils making them difficult to see. It is not uncommon for these tumors to cause the rare condition called 'pink eye' which is a pink colored discharge that appears around the eye and sometimes ochres will appear in the discharge too.

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Conjunctival tumors can grow extremely large, up to one centimeter in diameter in some rare cases and they can be accompanied by a variety of rare eye problems such as tearing, itching, burning and even discharge. A rare type of conjunctival cancer symptoms is known as oculomatous nephroma and it is caused when abnormal growths of the muscles occur in the eye. This type of tumor is rare and occurs mostly in young children.

The most common symptom of this form of cancer is the presence of a small dark spot on the eyelid or blemish. However, this symptom does not indicate an authentic cancerous process. This form of cancer starts with a simple infection on the surface of the skin and grows through a simple bacterial process. The eye starts to develop symptoms as the tumor grows and it eventually comes into contact with the blood stream. Eye cancer symptoms are also commonly found in children and they include frequent scratching of the eye and crying spells.

As the disease progresses towards the later stages, it can affect the cornea and may start squamous cells in the retina. In most of the cases, the visual organ suffers damage at the middle stage but in very rare cases, it may start damage at the outer retina as well. Once the visual organ starts damage, it is almost impossible to treat and the only option available is to remove the affected part of the eye. Even though there are chances of vision recovery in the later stages, this is a remote possibility and in all cases, early treatment ensures survival.

Conjunctivitis, corneal dystrophy, hemorrhage, haemorrhage, pain and inflammation are some of the common symptoms associated with this disease. Tumors often start treatment for oncology patients with a simple eye drop. As the treatment is administered early, the possibility of vision recovery is high. The treatment of oncology patients with eye cancer depends on the type of disease and the extent of the visual loss. If you feel that you might have this disease or you are suffering from any of these symptoms, see your eye doctor immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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