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Can the Subconscious Heal the Body? - Oren Zarif

Can the Subconscious Heal the Body? - Oren Zarif
Can the Subconscious Heal the Body? - Oren Zarif

What are the subconscious and how can the subconscious to heal the body? These are questions that have plagued humanity for years yet science is unable to answer them. Science has been able to explain many things but not the mysteries of the psyche. This is because the psyche is something that is beyond the understanding of the human mind.

We all have a subconscious which is alive in all of us whether we like it or not. The subconscious has the power to control our thoughts, feelings and actions. It is this power that can help us to achieve success in life as well as failure. It is through the subconscious that messages about our lives are put into the human mind which helps us make decisions on how we should proceed with our lives.

The subconscious is more powerful than we think. In fact, some people claim that the subconscious controls every aspect of our lives from when we sleep to when we wake up. Even when we eat or drink something it is controlled by the subconscious. This is where the subconscious comes into play. It can be compared to a gate controlling the flow of energy into and out of our bodies.

When our subconscious directs certain actions then we can call it a day. However, if the gate is open then harmful influences can enter our bodies. Some of these influences are diseases that we would never know were diseases unless we explore our subconscious. These influences can include but are not limited to addictions, fears and phobias, self destructive behavior and unhealthy relationships.

What are the subconscious and how does it affect us? Basically it is our inner mind. The subconscious can manifest itself in many ways. For instance it can manifest itself as being overweight, sluggish, lazy, and even mentally ill. It also manifests itself in the way we think, feel, act and even look.

If you believe the mind is capable of influencing the body's health then you may be surprised to find out the body can also be affected. If you have ever been sick or had an injury or felt weak and run down then you are carrying around traces of your mind with you. These remnants are what the subconscious is using to control the body and make it how it is. If you take control of your thoughts and beliefs then the subconscious can heal the body. When the subconscious is healed, you can start bringing about health changes that are permanent.

When our subconscious decides to heal the body, it can leave subtle clues that are readily obvious. These clues can include things like diminished levels of energy, chronic fatigue, loss of memory, and depression. By learning to listen to the messages given to us by our subconscious we can learn to affect change. It is as simple as reminding ourselves that yes we still have love inside of us, that we are beautiful inside and that our bodies are a work of art that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. If we keep telling ourselves these things and making sure we believe them often enough the subconscious will start to heal the body.

Once the body begins to heal the subconscious can also effect changes in other areas. One area that has been proven to be affected by the subconscious is in the area of spiritual development. This happens when a person comes to terms with the fact that they are part of a larger whole that exists outside of themselves. The subconscious can be so strong that it can affect other areas of the mind in the same way that it can physically change physical symptoms. Once a person has come to terms with this, they may find that they are able to practice spiritual meditation and prayer more easily.

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