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Can The Subconscious Heal The Body And Mind? - Oren Zarif

Can The Subconscious Heal The Body And Mind? - Oren Zarif
Can The Subconscious Heal The Body And Mind? - Oren Zarif

Do you know how the subconscious can heal the body? A great many of us do not. This is because we only pay attention to what happens to us on the physical level. However, this is only one aspect of the 'you' that exist in the world. The subconscious is also a powerful part of your life and can play a major role in healing the body and mind.

The fact of the matter is that your entire life is a reflection of your current mental state. Think about it for just a moment. When you are sleeping, are you thinking happy, sad, angry, or any other number of things? Most of us go through life not thinking in terms of those things, but while we are awake, our subconscious is constantly sending signals to us about those same issues.

This is why you can use the subconscious to heal the body and mind. In fact, you already have some tools at hand to start this process. You have access to your inner mind and your unconscious mind, which are powerful healing resources. The subconscious is vast, seemingly endless, and seemingly indestructible. The mind is where healing begins.

The subconscious works with the conscious mind and is connected to memory. When something is stored in the subconscious, it continues to be there even when the conscious mind tries to retrieve it. Therefore, it is important to train the mind to release its hold over the information that the subconscious has to offer. This is done through hypnosis. A person must be willing to change his patterns in order to heal himself.

This does not mean that a person must have professional healing services performed. All a person needs is a quiet place, perhaps a bathroom, to sit quietly and visualize the messages the subconscious provides. When the mind is relaxed and calm, the subconscious will reveal its secrets. Messages from the subconscious are personal and specific. They deal with emotions, ideas, fears, phobias and other deeply held parts of a person's life.

These messages will be different for everyone. Some will be comforting, while others will cause strong passions. Some messages will encourage growth while others will discourage or hinder that growth. Through hypnosis, these messages can be translated into personal healing power. The subconscious has the power to heal what a human can not heal on his own. It has been proven that people have spontaneously healed when the subconscious provided them with a positive message.

If the subconscious is reprogrammed, this personal healing power can be used to heal the body and mind. The subconscious can be programmed so that negative thoughts and attitudes are replaced by positive ones. For example, if a person is afraid of stepping on coasters, he can be encouraged to step onto a tiled floor instead. His subconscious will recognize that he is not stepping on a cold tile but a soothing tiled floor. Positive affirmations replace negative thoughts. The subconscious can also be hypnotized so that it can learn to replace bad habits with good ones.

Hypnotherapy can help the subconscious to change patterns of bad habits and addictions. Through hypnotherapy, positive messages can be inserted in the subconscious so that it can be conditioned to believe and accept new beliefs. This kind of hypnotic therapy is excellent for treating addictions such as smoking and overeating. The subconscious can heal the body and the mind the same way a surgeon does when he reconstructs a damaged organ.

The power of suggestion can be found in all of us. In fact, we all have the potential to alter the state of our consciousness using very simple language and gestures. One of the ways in which the subconscious can be reprogrammed is through relaxation. When the mind is relaxed, it is easier for the body to release harmful memories and reprogram the subconscious.

Another way in which the subconscious can be reprogrammed is through hypnosis. Hypnosis is the process of letting the mind go into a trance and entering a suggestible state. Once the mind is in a suggestible state, it can receive new information that will have a profound effect on the mind and the body. For instance, if a person wants to lose weight, he can be encouraged to visualize himself at the beach while taking a walk on the shore.

The subconscious mind does not always respond to the same stimuli. This is why it is so important to stress that all reprogramming must be done in a positive manner. It is possible to overwork the subconscious, but when this happens the mind goes into a more relaxed state and the suggestions are less likely to be remembered. The subconscious does not know the difference between daydreaming and reality. Therefore, it is necessary to remember that repetition is key when reprogramming the subconscious.

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