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"9 doctors and professors said there was no escape from knee surgery - Oren Zarif saved me!"

9 doctors and professors said there was no escape from knee surgery - Oren Zarif saved me!
9 doctors and professors said there was no escape from knee surgery - Oren Zarif saved me!

Simona A. did everything she could to avoid joint replacement surgery, but every doctor who went to him said there was no choice. After Oren Zarif's treatments the pain disappeared, the professor was surprised and the operation was canceled

She describes the unbelievable thing that happened to Simona E. in the following monologue:

"About a year ago I got up one morning and could not walk. I went to the doctor at the HMO. And he checked and said I no longer have cartilage in my knee, need to have a joint replaced. I asked what that means, and he replied that there is nothing to do, I can take painkillers, but no Escape from surgery.

"I came home depressed. I made an appointment with a private doctor, and he said the same thing. I did not give up, I went to all the best doctors and professors in the country to be sure. Still, it is a difficult operation. After that it takes 3 months of rehabilitation, and sometimes the operation fails.

“I did not agree to put up with the surgery because I am a woman with a lot of energy who is constantly moving, and unable to be neutralized after surgery.

“I went to a total of no less than 9 doctors and professors, and there was not one who said otherwise. There are 9 letters out of them all, all of which recommend surgery!

"After I was scheduled for surgery, I saw an ad in the newspaper for Oren Zarif. My son told me, 'Try it.' My husband told me, 'I usually do not believe in this nonsense, but what have you got to lose? That my husband pushed for it, I took the initiative and came to Oren Zarif.

"In the condition I got to. The pain was terrible. Really climbing the walls. I took 3 Arcoxia pills a day. Oren gave me vitamins, treated me for the first time, and told me to go back for more treatment. After the second treatment, at first I could not step on the leg due to pain. Suddenly. After about 3 minutes, I suddenly started walking.Oren told me to go back for a third treatment only after I finished all the vitamins.

"During the month after the first treatment. I already felt the best During the month after the first treatment, I already felt the best in the world ... The pain went down from 10 to 2 today! Today, half a year has passed since I arrived at Oren, I do not need to take any more pills , And feels 99% very good.

"To be on the safe side, I said I would go again to the best professor in the field. Let him check his knee condition now. I came to him with an up-to-date photo, but he said leave a photo, let me see the knee. He checked. And said 'Ma'am. What do you want from me. You do not need surgery, go home ...!

"I have no words to describe what Oren did. It's amazing. Oren for me is half God. He saved me from difficult surgery. And not only that. Also from the depression that accompanied the surgery. He's amazing."

During surgery the human body undergoes trauma and needs a certain resilience and strength to complete the recovery procedure and rehabilitate the body.

Surgery, in some cases, is considered a lifesaver and it is a non-invasive and often difficult procedure that puts the body under stress and pressure due to the requirement to deal with extreme situations.

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